Welcome to Bolt Home!

Welcome to Bolt Home, my new blog! Eeek!

Going to hopefully be writing about a plethora of subjects, from real estate, interior decoration, little bit of lifestyle, a teeny bit of beauty and everything in between. For those of you reading (if anyone!) who are friends on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve gotten quite into properties lately, sharing the ones I like from the ESPC website, this is essentially an extension of that interest so hopefully, if I get as much feedback about this as I have about my property posts on FB, I’ll be Zoella in no time!


Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I should probably introduce myself… My name is Phoebe Bolton, I’m 24 and 3/4 and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland; arguably the best city in the world, but I’m not biased. I studied Anthropology at uni and realised after 3 years that I had more chance of growing a third arm than getting a job related to my degree, so I began my working life as a makeup artist. Three years later and I have finally managed to claw my way out of the retail rut I was in and have muscled my way into the property ‘sphere’. Although not technically working in estate agency, I am surrounded by properties on a daily basis and have developed an interest in the property market and specifically the many beautiful homes for sale. This blog is an attempt to satisfy my creative impulses and simultaneously get my foot, or maybe even leg, in the door of the blogging world. Who knows where it will take me, if I even manage to get it off the ground, but my hopes are that I could one day unite people with their dream home and maybe even be the one to help decorate it…


I should also explain the inspiration behind the name ‘Bolt Home’. Well, my surname is Bolton… and my makeup services/Facebook page trade under the name Bolt Makeup… (wow, I feel like I’m becoming a brand!) and it is a play on the term ‘bolt hole’ defined below which I think coincidentally has a lovely meaning as somewhere one can escape to or hide from the big bad world outside.


So I hope you enjoy what’s to come, I’m going to do my best to keep this as regular as I can, feedback would be amazing, but feel free to enjoy quietly too!


Chat soon, PB x


noun: bolt-hole
  1. 1.
    a place where a person can escape and hide.
    “he thought of Antwerp as a possible bolthole”
  2. 2.
    a hole or burrow by which a rabbit or other wild animal can escape.

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