Minnie, Antlers and the Duo-Throws

It’s a freezing cold night in Edinburgh tonight. Storm Barbara (possibly the least threatening storm name ever) is on its way, right in time for Christmas! Yay!

Just had a wee Tuesday night spring clean, finally put up some pictures in my room… about time too, I only moved in a YEAR ago *shocked face*, put away my washing, changed my bed sheets (best feeling ever, am I right?!) and threw on my throws…

Aah throws… I LOVE throws. They are honestly one of the best things to ever be created. They can be used for anything! Over the back of the sofa, tucking along the bottom to keep the seat from wearing, snuggling with while watching TV, or my favourite use, keeping you super-duper cosy at night! My bed is rocking the duo-throw look tonight… two throws for ultimate heat and comfort. How on earth am I going to get up in the morning?!

On that note, here are some pictures of pictures ‘n’ stuff, I’m off to catch some z’s!


PB x

My Nana would be horrified at my crinkled sheets but honestly, who has time to iron bed sheets?! I barely have time to wash mine never mind iron the damn things! Check out those throws though, yaas!

Also spot the silk pillow… #PrincessPhoebe! I bought that in John Lewis about a year ago because apparently silk pillow slips are better for your skin and help minimise wrinkles, not to mention they stay nice and cool, win win!

These are the pictures/wall decorations I put up today:

This is one my sister got me a few years ago, I’m obsessed with anything that has Antlers (I even have antlers tattooed, much to my mother’s disapproval) so I love this print. Even though the splashes look like dust and I’ve tried unsuccessfully to clean them off a couple of times now, I’m so happy it is finally hanging!

Following the Antler theme… it will come up a LOT! My boyfriend Declan bought me this wee pair last year for Christmas, again so glad its finally on the wall! I love the thought of taxidermy but not so keen on the dead animal thing so this is the perfect compromise! Lets just hope it doesn’t fall on my noggin while I’m sleeping!

And finally, one of my childhood favourite, Minnie putting her slap on! I’m not a massive Disney fan but I do love this vintage illustration, it used to hang at home in the ‘kids bathroom’ and is possibly one of the early causes of my love for makeup! My Mum kindly let me take this into the flat with me, although now I think about it, she probably just wanted rid of it!


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