How We Live

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a magical Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting New Year!

Every year I am spoiled on Christmas Day and this year was no exception. I would love to tell you about all of the wonderful things I received from my friends and family, however there’s one gift I think would be of particular interest to this audience…

My sister Blythe lives in Amsterdam; an incredible city bursting with culture and inhabited by only the most stylish and her gift to me was just so. A sizeable book titled ‘How We Live’ by Marcia Prentice. The author is a self-taught photographer and interior designer from LA who, after a trip to Rome, fell in love with travel. Her book takes you on a world tour and gives insight into the homes of artists, designers and creatives in places as far afield as Beirut, Guadalajara, Marrakech and Helsinki, as well as various other beautiful cities closer to home.

All of the homes in this book have a specific design quality, but also soul, emotion, expression and a way of living that isn’t always striving for perfection

Maria Prentice, Intro

I studied Anthropology at University so have found this book truly fascinating from a cultural point of view. Prentice’s goal was for the reader to feel as though they were really experiencing the energy of the homes that she included in the book, allowing them to feel connected to another culture via the most intimate of spaces: the home. It’s one thing to read about other cultures, but there is no experience like being in the quarters of someone who’s rituals, religion and lifestyle practices may differ from your own. That is, I believe, the only way one is truly able to gain an organic understanding of another culture.

Although going into little specific detail about how the subjects created their home or the products found in each; the motivations and inspirations for each interior emerge through the stories of each individual. This provides an opportunity for the reader to read not only what is written, but also read further into the story and understand for themselves why each space looks and feels the way it does.

This book is honestly amazing. I’ve always loved big, bold, visual coffee-table books and this is exactly that. I love the way Prentice shares the story of each of her contributors and then goes on to show photographs of their spaces and cities. It makes each picture so much more meaningful and inspiring. I would highly recommend this, it is a gorgeous book that would make a great gift for a friend or even just for your own enjoyment.

Now I’m off to watch the King and I with my Nana, chat soon!

PB x

Let me share a few examples with you of some of my favourite pages from the book;

Love the light in this photograph and, although taken in a different country, the light reminds me of a Vermeer painting! (Athens, Page 58)

The wee pile of books cheekily propping up this chair; just cos it’s broken, doesn’t mean it needs fixed… (Athens, page 59)

That lamp *heart eyes*. WANT. (Helsinki, page 79)

Antlers again, the obsession continues! (Helsinki, page 78)

Absolutely adore this space in A’dam, probably because of the Antlers… (Amsterdam, page 106 & 107)

His ‘n’ hers. (Milan, page 149)

This lighting is so atmospheric, really love this idea. (Barcelona, page 159)

Love the way this trunk looks emerging from the blank wall, casting all the shadows, a big fan of bringing nature in. (Berlin, page 168)

Matching carpets! That scandi style, never gets old. (Copenhagen, page 182)

Geez a wave! Candles are everything for me, I adore them and would have them on 24/7 if I didn’t always forget to snuff them out… (Copenhagen, page 186)

Think I’m going to have to find whoever made those lights! (Edinburgh, page 199)

Lots of love for Edinburgh, old and new! (Edinburgh, page 201

Ramsay Gardens (Edinburgh, page 205)

ADORE this property, you can really feel the fashion vibes from the owner of this space, Moses Moreno(New York, page 210)

Love you too

Love this unusual wee table, and those prints, those are Dope… (see what I did there?) (New York, page 211)

(New York, page 216)



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