Joyfully Throwing Out All My Stuff

Hey Hoarders!

Happy New Year! Bring on 2017!

I have no doubt that at least half of you reading this will know about Marie ‘KonMari’ Kondo. Those who do not, please, please, I beg you, GO and read her book/read about her. She is the Demigoddess of Decluttering from whom I have sought inspiration this New Year. In short, her mantra (known as the ‘KonMari Method’) is that every item you possess should bring you joy. If it does not, get rid of it. Simple as that. The ‘KonMari’ method is based on Japanese values and places great importance on being mindful, introspective and optimistic, which is why it’s such a fantastic thing to know about in time for your New Year clear-out.

My flatmate Carlyn and I both started back at work today after a jolly festive season. So yesterday, in order to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for going back into the office, we decided we needed to have a clear out. In total we managed to throw out 8 whole black bags of over-worn vest tops, never-worn dresses, odd socks,  old tat, redundant ‘stuff’, bobbly jumpers and other items that no longer brought us joy (unfortunately we had to keep the vegetables and the heating bills!). I also had too many items of clothing that I bought with the intention of slimming to be able to fit, that obviously never happened so those are things that can definitely be gotten shot of! I’ve also managed to flog some of those unworn clothes, which is a great idea for if you’ve got some nice things that you could make a small profit from and are needing some extra cash; it pays to be tidy!

After watching the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Carlyn was feeling super motivated to have a clear out, and I needed to for my sanity. The Minimalism concept is that you don’t need to live in excess all the time; just because you can afford to buy a new car, doesn’t mean you need to, especially if you are happy with what you have. The idea, similarly to Kondo’s mentality, is that if the item does not bring you joy, you do not need it in your life. By all means, keep your bespoke teapot collection if it is meaningful to you, but remove the unnecessary items that you no longer require or desire to make room. Free yourself from your old tat!

Having said all that… underwear might not bring you joy, but it’s probably not wise to throw out all your pants!

So this is my message to you; have a clear out, get rid of the old crap that is dragging you down,  keep only the things that bring you joy, live freely, live with meaning, and if it doesn’t fit don’t buy it in the first place!

Chat soon, PB x

Here’s some evidence:

Some of the bags, and we weren’t even finished yet! (The chaise lounge was kept, it brings us much joy)


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