Minnie, Antlers and the Duo-Throws

It's a freezing cold night in Edinburgh tonight. Storm Barbara (possibly the least threatening storm name ever) is on its way, right in time for Christmas! Yay! Just had a wee Tuesday night spring clean, finally put up some pictures in my room... about time too, I only moved in a YEAR ago *shocked face*, … Continue reading Minnie, Antlers and the Duo-Throws


Welcome to Bolt Home!

Welcome to Bolt Home, my new blog! Eeek! Going to hopefully be writing about a plethora of subjects, from real estate, interior decoration, little bit of lifestyle, a teeny bit of beauty and everything in between. For those of you reading (if anyone!) who are friends on Facebook, you'll know I've gotten quite into properties lately, sharing the … Continue reading Welcome to Bolt Home!